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Christian Howes 

Chris is one of the most exciting personalities in jazz today. His work as a modern jazz violinist is unparalleled in its drive and excitement. He brings audiences to their feet wherever he performs, be it Iridium in NYC or clubs throughout the Midwest. His performances have been recorded with DD Jackson on RCA, and more recently with Bill Evans' SoulGrass group, but he has seven wonderful discs of his own with various groups he has put together. We have recently picked up distribution of his CD's, and we welcome him to the Cojazz umbrella! 


Chris' first CD as a leader - the title says it all...a confluence of ideas, brought on by  the combination of Chris' regular band "live at Spagio" (a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio), along with tracks Chris recorded at the London Ohio Correctional Institution with the Studio 3 Band.  The disc features some great performances by Bobby Floyd and Daniel Kelly on keyboards, Andy Woodson on bass, Tony McClung on drums, Tom Moore on vocals, William Neer on guitar and vocals, and a fabulous string section comprised of Chris, Luis Biava on cello, Carrie Rinderknecht on violin, and Chris Saetti on viola.

To hear sound clips from the CD, click here: www.christianhowes.com


This is Chris' second release - "Ten Yard" refers to a patch of land sitting adjacent to one of the ten warehouse-style dormitories at the oldest functioning prison in Ohio - it is reserved for convicts residing in the honor dorm, and  is distinguishable from other yards at the London Ohio Correctional Institution by the solitude it offers and the presence of grass. "Many of the compositions included in this album were conceived on Ten Yard, by myself and in collaboration with several other convicts," adds Howes. "Ten Yard, for me, is a metaphor for the peace and inner freedom I found on this grassy lot. It is the spirit of Ten Yard from which this music was born and pays tribute."  Many of the compositions on this disc were conceived on Ten Yard.

In addition to Chris, the musicians include Bobby Floyd and Daniel Kelly on keyboards, Jeff Ciampa on bass, Tony McClung on drums, and Brett Allen on guitar.

To hear sound clips from the CD, click here: www.christianhowes.com  


Chris' 3rd disc is a live performance disc featuring his work on the Yamaha Silent Violin. Chris is a Yamaha artist, and does frequent clinics throughout the US demonstrating the unique capabilities of the instrument. This CD shows off Chris in many different settings, from a B-3 styled  organ group to a raucous rock-oriented power trio, as well as some wonderful duo work with Bobby Floyd on piano (recorded in concert in the incomparable Ohio Theatre) - A wonderful new addition to the discography!  

To hear sound clips from the CD, click here: www.christianhowes.com


Song For My Daughter is a work in progress that has been evolving for some time. Chris has been updating it over and over; there have been numerous versions of the disc over time. It is to be finalized sometime this spring with new artwork, but it's here at the present time and available for purchase. It features a number of different settings for Chris, and has been produced by Jeff Ciampa.

Jazz Fiddle Revolution is a meeting between Chris and Nashville sensation Billy Contreras. The combination of the two is very interesting indeed. If you've had the opportunity to see any of their clinics together, or worked with them at the various summer camps, you know what excitement they can bring to a pair of violins! You will enjoy this disc!
Klazyc features Chris with his European friends Federico Lechner and Pablo Martin. It contains music with a bit more classical flavor, arrangements of many traditional classical pieces with a jazz flair. The disc includes Turkish March by Mozart, Partita in E by JS Bach, and Capriccio 24 by Paganini among others.  
Jazz On Sale is another grouping with the European acoustic jazz trio - this time with no holds barred! The music is wild and crazy, and is stated to be "unproduced, unmixed, and unmastered" - basically a live recording in the studio. There is a lot of fire on this recording, including Chris' title tune, and Amor Casi Imposible by Federico. A wonderful recording!