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COJAZZ!    Jazz for the New Millenium...



COJAZZ is a new company - founded with the belief that there are some artists in the world that deserve to be heard - regardless of the concepts brought to the table by numerous "bean counters" at the major record companies. We believe that BOTH artists & their various record companies can bring fresh, new and exciting performances to a very diverse and intelligent listening public - a public that deserves the chance to enjoy the music as much as the artists enjoy making it!

Think of COJAZZ as an umbrella organization - under our "cover" will be many different small labels - all of whom have new artists with CDs in very limited release - but these labels and artists would like to share their works with the public utilizing the Internet as a pathway - a gateway -  to a larger public than they may usually come in contact with - especially if they're not touring on a regular basis. The music is of the highest quality; many fabulous performances! It's just played by people who may or may not be household names - YET.

Take your time...tour the site...read the reviews - and then, purchase the discs. We sincerely believe you will not be disappointed!

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