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Our latest Cojazz release, this features Organic Chemistry (formerly The Tom Carroll Trio) from a live recording made at The 501 Jazz Bar, a club in Columbus, Ohio. This features Hank Marr on B3, Tom on guitar, and Jim Rupp on drums, along with special guests Gene Walker on saxophone and vocalists Mary McClendon and Jeannette Williams. This recording was made during an Ohio Music Educators Convention, so the place was packed, and the playing was absolutely electric! It features tunes like Take the A Train, Night Train, Muddy Water, City Lights, and Gene's originals, Mem's Fast and Gene's Blues.  
Mark Flugge is a wonderful pianist with impeccable technique and a unique style that enhances everyone who has the opportunity to work with him. On this, his second CD, he is working with the incredible Gene Bertoncini on guitar and Michael Moore on bass, and the combination is something to behold! The disc includes a number of Mark's originals including Familiarity, Beatrice, The Cat, Erika Kristen, and some other standard "treats".  
Bryan Olsheski is an accomplished saxophonist who came to us with a dream - to record a disc with the Bobby Floyd Trio that would really turn some heads - and he succeeded! This CD contains some of the most exciting sax/organ trio tunes to be heard anywhere! It includes some of Bryan's originals, such as Slippin' n Slidin', 102 Degrees, and B3 Logic, along with one of his father's tunes, Uncle Ignatz (a wild funky romp). The disc was noted as one of the best CD's in Central Ohio in 2005.  
A fabulous Christmas Disc by Bobby Floyd and his trio - new arrangements of many of your favorites, played on piano as only Bobby can...with Derek DiCenzo on bass (whom you may know from his steel drum work with Monty Alexander) and Reggie Jackson on drums (who spends much of his time with Diane Schuur), this is one swinging set! Many guests as well, like Joe Crump on soprano, Jim Masters on trombone, Lee Savory on trumpet, Ron Hope on percussion, and Christian Howes on violin...a must hear for jazz listeners of all types - there is something here for everyone!

This is the debut release from an exciting new group - Madrugada! This group, founded by guitarist Stan Smith (Associate Professor of Jazz Guitar at Capital University) and bassist Roger Hines (former musical director for Diane Schuur and Jazz Bass instructor at Capital University) brings a fresh and innovative view to the contemporary jazz scene. Accompanied by a group of very accomplished instrumentalists, it truly shows off the stylish writing of the founders.

Joining Stan and Roger are Michael Cox, Pete Mills, Byron Rooker and Vince Andrews on woodwinds, and Peter Retzlaff and Aaron Scott on drums.


This is the second release from guitarist Stan Smith (Associate Professor of Jazz Guitar at Capital University), and it shows off some of his more amazing talents, both as a performer and a composer.  

Accompanying Stan on the recording are Michael Cox, Pete Mills, Byron Rooker and Vince Andrews on woodwinds, Dave DeWitt and Roger Hines on basses, Mark Flugge on Piano, Celia Smith on vocals, Micah & Stephen Smith on percussion, and Peter Retzlaff on drums.

This is the debut release from saxophonist Michael Cox (Associate Professor of Saxophone at Capital University) - he is joined by New Yorkers Matt Wilson on Drums and Dennis Irwin on Bass. This is truly a magical disc with unconventional instrumentation - and the lack of a chordal instrument is more than made up by the splendid harmonic concepts of Dennis' bass lines. Matt's amazing prowess as a percussionist is shown here, utilizing mini-gongs and goat hooves among  other interesting percussive instruments. If you were lucky enough to hear this trio at 2000's IAJE convention in New Orleans, this disc is EXACTLY what you heard - and it's a real treat!
This is the first disc from vocalist Dick Mackey. Dick is a singer who pulls his repertoire from some of the most interesting and least performed tunes ever written - and does it with an incredible flair and ease that makes him a favorite with both listeners and fellow musicians alike! Backing Dick on this recording is pianist Mark Flugge, bassist Doug Richeson, and drummer Louis Tsamous. Included are versions of Your Love Has Faded, Can't Take You Nowhere, The Ruby and The Pearl, and of course the title tune, In April. If you enjoy jazz vocalists, you'll find this disc a great addition to your library!
This is the second release from vocalist Dick Mackey.  On this  disc, he's taken some wonderful older tunes, and with the help of arranger Byron Rooker, has given us an Ellingtonian flair to them. Included are songs such as the title tune, Why Stars Come Out At Night, as well as  Almost In Your Arms, I Wanna Be A Sideman, By The Fireside, All Mine, Four Or Five Times, and seven more.  Backing Dick on this recording is pianist Mark Flugge, bassist Doug Richeson, drummer Jim Rupp, Barney Rooker on woodwinds, Jim Powell on trumpet, and Matt Ellis on trombone.  
Dick's third outing is a wonderful treatise on 20 fabulous tunes. He continued his work with an Ellington-styled small horn group as his accompaniment. Featured are When I'm With You, You Forgot Your Gloves, The Three Bears, I Can Dream, Can't I?, I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone, and the title tune, among others. The band includes Mark Flugge on piano, Chris Berg on bass, Dave Weinstock on drums, Stan Smith and Colin Lazarski on guitars, Jim Powell and Kim Pensyl on trumpets, Matt Ellis on trombone, and Byron Rooker and Matt Adams on saxes.  
This is Dick's most recent release. On this disc, he's taken some wonderful older tunes, and with the help of a trio consisting of pianist Mark Flugge, bassist Terry Douds and drummer Joe Ong has given us an a musical description of this Pretty Girl. Included are songs such as the title tune, Dick's original Kathleen's Waltz, Only the Very Young, May I, Tulip or Turnip, Forgive My Heart, and ten others. If you've enjoyed Dick's earlier endeavors, you'll really enjoy this one!