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All our discs are for sale, and are $15.00 each in U.S. Funds.

Our sales are completed via Paypal; they will do any conversion of currencies necessary to complete the sale.

When you are finished shopping, just click "View Cart" and follow the prompts to check out.

Shipping and handling charges vary by location; US is $3.00 for the 1st disc, and $1.25 for each additional disc. International locations are $6.00 for the 1st disc, and $3.00 for each additional disc.

Thanks very much for supporting our efforts to bring you the newest and most exciting jazz as we enter the 21st century!

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Cojazz Recordings Ltd., 344 E. Fifth Ave., Lancaster, OH 43130-3143

(740) 681-9414  Voice or FAX


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